Discussion Board 2

PROMPTHow do leadership habits and practices influence quality of life in both positive and negative ways?What experiences have YOU had in the past in which you were influenced in either a positive, or negative manner?How do you rate on the  “12 Rules of Healthy Living’”?  How can you apply those rules to your future as a leader?Instructions:This discussion board assignment has three parts:Part I:Your assignment is to think about a time in your life that you were influenced in either a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE way by a leader.  This person could have been a teacher, coach, supervisor, employer or group leader.  Describe your experience and how that leader impacted you.  Share with your classmates the “lessons learned” and why those lessons were important.  For example, often when we experience poor leadership, we are able to identify what type of communication or management techniques that we NEVER wish to emulate.  That can be a valuable lesson! On the other hand, great leaders can motivate and inspire us to be better followers, to take pride and ownership in an endeavor and to ultimately, be better leaders ourselves!You may write up to 350 words on Part I of this discussion board.Part II:Review the “12 Rules of Healthy Living Report Card” on page 68 in the text and give yourself an average grade, from A to F.  So many times, those of us who work, or plan to work, in public health, healthcare or related helping fields, tend to take care of the people around us, but may neglect our own self-care.  Take this time to think about how you manage your time and how you can focus more on your own health and well-being!After you give yourself a grade (and be honest!), write down three small steps you plan to take to improve your healthy living grade.  If you have all A’s across the board, great job!  Share with your classmates how you make that happen!  On the other hand, if you have work to do to improve your grade (which is most of us, including your teacher!),  describe how you plan to incorporate those small steps into your everyday life.You may write up to 500 words on Part II of this discussion board.

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