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You are the senior Human Resources representative in a large organization with locations throughout the United States. The company has a long history of taking conservative views or positions on social issues. However, as economic compression strengthens, the senior leadership in the company recognizes that the conservative reputation of the organization is limiting entry in to various markets. The decision has been made to make changes throughout the organization’s approach to these issues, starting with its people programs. Specifically, the organization has selected to approve the offering of health benefits to domestic partners. You’ve been tasked with preparing the roll-out of this new initiative to the employees at all locations. Discuss how this will impact the organizations diversity training – what will need to change? Provide specific elements of how you will handle the concerns of current employees, over this new direction the leadership is taking. Finally, how will you personally balance this shift in the organizations’ direction, with your biblical worldview?

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As the senior Human Resources representative for a conservative company in the United States, I would have to follow what the senior leadership in the company approves for the organization. Diversity training is a responsibility that falls under the scope of Human Resources. With a company that is fundamentally conservative, it will likely take more sensitivity and cultural training than legal training to get the employees acclimated to the changes. According to our Human Resource Management textbook, “the aim [of sensitivity training] is to “sensitize” people to the differences among them and how their words and behaviors are seen by others” (Mathis, Jackson, Valentine, & Meglich, 2017, p. 115). The main purpose is not to change individual’s core values, but to open their minds and hearts to respecting others choices. Since the organization has conservative principles, most employees will likely have the same personal values as well. Cultural training will be a necessary first step to get the employees acquainted with other backgrounds and ways of life than they are familiar with. Once the employees are familiar with the new concepts, sensitivity training will be brought in to encourage support of all employees of the company. According to Deither Gebert, Claudia Buengeler, and Kathrin Heintz in their article “Tolerance: A Neglected Dimension in Diversity Training?” diversity training frequently fails due to employees not stating their opinions and concerns appropriately: “We specify the underlying barriers to learning that may cause diversity training to fail: The trainees’ tendency to keep quiet about their thoughts or to voice them in a dogmatic manner, which is likely to lead to latent or manifest conflicts, hindering learning” (Gebert, Buengeler, & Heinitz, 2017, p. 415). Knowing this as a Human Resources representative, I would try to focus on the sensitivity training to create a common purpose within the employees by developing a strong source of leadership and openness in the company. The results of a study conducted on the reactions of law enforcement personnel to LGBTQ diversity training can be compared to the referenced situation of conservativeness in the large corporation: “…law enforcement culture reflects the dominant stance, and the LGBTQ training represents resistance to dominance” (Israel, et al., 2017). The same outcome can be expected at the conservative company because the new policy is basically the opposite opinion of the employees. Personally, it would be difficult to promote a policy that conflicted with my personal values. I have a family member that recently came out as being bisexual. Being a Christian, I do not believe in same sex marriages. As much as this goes against my personal values, I have to remember what the Bible says numerous times, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged,” Matthew 7:1. God gave us free will to individually make the choice to choose him. As long as mutual respect exists between us, I can still pray for my family member, and encourage them to live in a Godly manner without tearing them down. I would carry the same philosophy over to the workplace by displaying professionalism and respect without compromising my religious values.

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