Discussion: Constructive Dialogue

Briefly describe a situation in which you have been in a social setting and either been involved in or observed an argument based on different opinions about a subject – perhaps a friendly political argument you were party to, or maybe your uncle announces a crackpot idea at Thanksgiving. Now, thinking about that situation, explain:What dispositions ofcritical thinkingwere used in the argument? Or alternatively, what dispositions of critical thinking should have been observed and why?Whatdialogical dispositionswere used in the argument? Or alternatively, what dialogical dispositions should have been observed and why?Be respectful and help each other learn through your feedback.To submit your post to the Discussion select “Start a New Thread”, and type or paste your posting to the question. After reading your peers post, select “Reply to Thread”.  Please note: This Discussion and all the graded discussions in this course are “Must Post First”: After you have posted your response – you then get the benefit of seeing what your fellow students answered while going through the same discussion exercise. Then you can provide feedback commentsYou must start a thread before you can read and reply to other threadsChooseoneof the following documents to read and use in this discussion. In your post, reconstruct the argument in the selection you chose. Identify premises, conclusions (including implicit ones), as well as noting the ordering of premises and sub-conclusions. Note that each of these documents has numerous components; an example of each of these items is sufficient for this discussion post.Jobs, S. (2004, June 12). ‘You’ve got to find what you love,’ Jobs says [Commencement address]. Retrieved from https://news.stanford.edu/2005/06/14/jobs-061505/National Archives. (n.d.). Declaration of Independence: A transcription [Transcription]. Retrieved from https://www.archives.gov/founding-docs/declaration-transcriptKing, M. L. (1963, August 28). “I have a dream,” address delivered at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom [Speech and transcript]. https://kinginstitute.stanford.edu/king-papers/documents/i-have-dream-address-delivered-march-washington-jobs-and-freedom

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