discussion questions 405

Below are several discussion post that need to be answered using APA formatting style. Each response should be 450 words or more and have at least 2 references per response.

  1. As an organizational leader, what actions will you take to monitor your organization’s culture to determine if the culture is aligned to your ethics policy? Why?
  2. To foster an ethical organizational culture and to ensure that employees are acting ethically, some organizations monitor the behavior of employees when they are not at work. Is it ethical for an employer to monitor employee behavior when the employees are not at work and being paid? Why or why not?
  3. Can an organizational leader who acts unethically lead an organization that is ethical? Support your position. How does your worldview inform your position? Explain.
  4. Should an employee who acts unethically be terminated from his or her position? Why or why not?
  5. In the legal system, some crimes are considered more serious than others. For example, murder is classified by degrees with first degree murder considered a more serious crime than second or third degree murder. Should ethics be viewed in the same way with certain unethical decisions being viewed as more serious than others, or are all unethical decisions equal? Explain.
  6. Do leaders who make unethical decisions do so consciously? Support your position.
  7. Look back to your response to Module 1 DQ-1. How has your definition of ethics changed since you provided that response?
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