Discussion / Responses

First student

1. I would like to take my favorite photos of me and my significant other because he is my better half and majority of my life has been spent with him experiencing new things and creating new memories. To honor the moments, I have truly lived and enjoyed life on earth. This Ophelia painting is an inspiration to monumentalize my husband and I together in love and at peace. The Ophelia painting is showing acceptance, nature, peace, and soul, the main things I would expect for my time. There are never any answers just a way of life and in this picture the woman is laying there still and unbothered. I would love a moment like this to accept time with my husband, to lay still and be together at peace.

week 8 c.png

2. I would like to rest in a cemetery right beside my husband. My whole life was spent with this other human who has been there through the worst and the best of times. We have this loving bond that has allowed me to grow into the woman I want to be and live the life I want to live and all hand in hand beside the man I love who I have watch grow throughout his life. Life isn’t simple but at the end of it all my only wish is to have him right beside me as we take on a new eternal adventure and the 520 BCE sculpture, Sarcophagus with Reclining Couple, resembles my exact burial wishes. This sculpture represents the internal bond between husband and wife, both the male and female are accepting their next life together side by side and as they go they are reflecting on their past life by looking over it.

Week 8.png

3. I would like to be blessed within my church and I would want a celebration to reflect my time on earth. Death is a very natural aspect of life so instead of mourning or crying I would want my loved ones to celebrate and gather for my favorite meals, dance, sing, enjoy every breath for I am going to be enjoying life on the other side at peace. I also wish that my other ones participate in Dia de los Muertos, remembering the dead and honoring their memory. This is something I haven’t had the chance to do but it is my goal to do this for the next dia de los muertos.

week 8b.png


Second Student

  1. For my end of life ceremony I would like to have it at the beach. The beach is tailored to the kind of person I am because I grew up in San Diego and have a passion for the ocean and nature. I think my love ones would find it perfect to remember and celebrate me because they know it’s where I would want to be. Also I would like to have sunflowers and during a sunrise or sunset. This relates to Newgranges burial methods of setting these in a place where a burst of morning sunligh that radiates down through the entire passage and illuminates the whole tomb. newgrangeAerialCU.jpg
  2. I would like for my love ones to celebrate my life with music and happiness and coming together to remember my life and all that I was. I would like there to be a big get together with my friends and family and to celebrate the passing of my death. I want it to be lively and colorful and full of happiness and beauty. This relates to the painting Día de Muertos where crowds of people fill the marketplace and celebrate death and passed loved ones. the-day-of-the-dead-1924.jpg!Large.jpg
  3. I would like a small statue of the Earth or something nature for those to come and remember me by and visit. I want there to be flowers that cover it and for it to be in a garden for those to come peacefully and admire my life. This relates to mbulu ngulu as they made these statues and such to honor soldiers and those who did good and were mighty that have passed. They do this to remember those that have fallen and admire there life. Unknown.jpeg
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