Discussion7 2nd

Review the Learning Resources for Discussion 14 and respond to the following items:Identify the common themes that cut across the codes of ethics for different social science disciplines.Using the case examples provided in the learning resources, discuss why professional conduct is important in the social sciences. What are the potential consequences of violating professional codes of conduct both for the violator and those being violated?How can one operate ethically in careers in the social science?  What are some of the ethical challenges that you anticipate in your future career?  How to do anticipate dealing with those challenges?When writing your posts, it is very important that you focus not just on summary but also on analysis. These posts are how I determine your mastery of the material and your critical thinking. Remember:All posts need to be written in APA style and cite resources. You are encouraged to draw on resources from your courses across your entire major.Please check your post against the Guide for Good Writing before you submit it, as points will be deducted if you make those common writing errors. (This document is located in the Writing Resources module.)Please respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ answers by providing them with comments, feedback and asking them compelling questions about their postings.  (You are in no way limited to two response posts. The more engaged you can be on the discussion boards, the better.) To receive credit for your response posts, they should be at least one paragraph in length. Referencing empirical sources is strongly encouraged in your response posts as well as your initial post.References:https://thetech.com/2007/04/27/jones-v127-n21http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/8656https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2006/4/23/students-novel-faces-plagiarism-controversy-beditors/

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