diverse needs of all learners in the classroom

Write a 3- to 5-page essay to address the question below. Use APA format with references. Support your response with appropriate peer-reviewed research and educational theory.

As a public school administrator, your goal is to ensure that teachers are addressing the diverse needs of all learners in the classroom. Therefore, you must be conversant with theories of human development and motivation, and be able to apply these theories in your supervision of curriculum and instruction, as well as in your interactions with students, teachers, and staff. Respond to the following items, which address these areas of concern.

  • Discuss the assessment and data analysis measures you will use to document teacher performance in areas of motivation and human development. Explain the relevance of theories of human development, learning, motivation, and diversity to instructional planning and the learning process.
  • Describe an appropriate professional development plan to motivate teachers to implement best practices to meet the needs of diverse learners. How might technology be effectively incorporated in ongoing professional development of teachers?
  • Reflect on current research regarding human development and motivation. Describe how the research affects school improvement planning. What theories are currently being used in your school/district?
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