does the epa have to comply with the osh act what they have to comply with and how and what happens if they don t

Write a two page paper with this format:


Set the context – provide general information about the main idea, explaining the situation so the reader can make sense of the topic and the questions you will ask.

State why the main idea is important – create a compelling, clear, and educational essay geared toward potential policy makers.

State your research question – compose a question or two that clearly communicate what you want to discover and why you are interested in the topic.


Identify a problem.

Explain the causes of the problem and other contributing factors.

Provide examples in industry or workplace.

State the people/institutions involved in the situation: decision makers and stakeholders.

State possible solutions to the problem.


In addition to providing your conclusion to the main parts of your analysis, provide some introspection as to any surprises or shortfalls in expected outcome.

At least 2 references and everything in apa format

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