Dual Column Video

You will write a dual column video news script for a “reporter’s package”Remember that video writers strive to include a little natural sound at the beginning of a package, and they strive to write at least the first sentence or two in present tense.The package should include nat sound and SOT. Remember my tip: I like to use natural sound like a transition between ideas/paragraphs/locations.Write a dual column video news package based on a print journalist’s breaking news story. This option calls for you to find a print (online text) breaking news story that catches your interest. Then, turn that story into a dual column script. This does NOT mean you should copy and paste the print journalist’s words into your script. It means you use their facts and information as your research, and you tell the story in your own words — in words that are easy to understand when heard, and words that match picture.Wait — what are the pictures for option two? You will need to use your imagination to conjure up images for the left hand column of the script. Conjure images in your mind’s eye that are logical and “gettable” for a camera.1) Pick a short story; something under 800 words. 2) Pick a story that includes direct quotations from human sources. You may use those direct quotations in your script as SOT (sound on tape) as if the source was captured on camera saying those statements.

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