Economic And Socioeconomic Forces In Cuba Research Paper

  1. Gross National Product (GNP) or Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – Indicate the last 3-5 year history and rate of growth. Indicate the GNP or GDP per capita.
  2. Income (Business International, Monthly Bulletin of Statistics: World Development Indicators published by the World Bank ) – What is the income distribution, disposable income, personal consumption distribution of income, and discretionary income?
  3. Labor – What is the average hourly rate in U.S. dollars? What is the per capita income in the country of study? Describe the education level. Any known mobility of the population or work force?
  4. Population by demographics – Total population of the country, age distribution and birth rate, population per square mile.
  5. Investment – Indicate the amount and type of investment in the country, i.e., land development, education, and building (by the host country).
  6. National Economic Plans (Business International, Business America, Overseas American Chambers of Commerce) – Plans prepared by a government that generally state their economic goals for periods up to five years. Research your country and provide this information in your project.
  7. Inflation patterns – Describe the past 3-5 year history.
  8. Balance of payment history – Is it a deficit? If so, what actions is the government taking, or going to take, to correct?
  9. Exchange rates – What is the currency called in your country of study? What is the most recent value of the currency in U.S. dollars? Chart the last 6-month history of the exchange rate converted to U.S. dollars.
  10. Implications for international business – Based upon your research, summarize barriers and opportunities for locating business opportunities. Of what factors should MNC managers be aware?
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