editing a iep 1

Please follow instruction below. I change the name of the student because of confidentality. The progress notes are attached with percentages for data-based.

Present Levels –

·Academic: Please use exact percentages based on John’s progress with current Academic IEP goals/objectives – average the weekly data collection tools – present levels must be data-based. Feedback related to on-task behavior and distractability should be included under Social-Emotional. His needs noted should address the areas of current Academic goals/objectives and his baseline performance. ( student is on task)

·Emotional/Social/Behavioral: Please list his current progress with current Emotional/Social/Behavioral objectives (e.g. working quietly) and he continues to have deficits in this area, list under Needs.

·Daily Living Skills: Please make sure to include the appropriate information in both Present Level and Needs sections – the Needs should align with IEP goals/objectives for that area with current performance data. Make sure you update based on all job sites the student has/or will be working with during the school year.

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