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want to know how much for week 6 both discussions and final paper, discussions are due by this Thursday and final paper due next week Monday night here is the information. 

discussion two

Learning Reflection and Sharing of Multimedia Project

In the Learning Reflection and Sharing of Multimedia Project you have an opportunity to consider your learning from the course and engage in final conversation and reflection about the course with your peers and the instructor.  This discussion proves to be a fun sharing of your hard work and creativity in the design and preparation of your summative assignment multimedia presentation.

Initial Post:
Post a response that addresses each of the following areas:

  • Post a link to your multimedia presentation that has been created as a part of your summative assignment for this course.  
  • In no more than one paragraph, reflect on the most memorable learning topic or skill you have attained from this course.  This may be more personal such as increased tolerance and understanding or new skills for inclusionary practices. 
  • State which class you are taking next and explain in no more than one paragraph how you envision this course relating to that next course in the scheme of your total program learning experience.

Guided Response:
Post replies to at least two peers before the close of date of this discussion.  Review their multimedia presentation via the link that was shared as well as the two paragraphs that were submitted in their initial post.  Through your responses consider and substantively respond to the following: 

  • The highlights of their research that were shared in their presentation and how this resonates with your understanding of the selected culture.
  • Ask questions about your peers’ most memorable learning topic or skill(s) and how they intend to use them in their work setting.
  • Comment and ask questions about whether you have taken the class your peer is taking next and offer any advice you can about the course if applicable.

Final Paper

Ashford 7: – Week 6 – Final Paper

PLC & Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies

By completing this Summative Assignment, you will demonstrate your abilities with the following objectives:

  1. Apply teaching techniques and strategies that incorporate respect for all cultures.  What strategies are beneficial to inclusionary practices?  What ideas have you obtained from critically reviewing your own learning and that of your peers while reviewing their presentations designed in Week Five that will contribute to social change?
  2. Illustrate socio-historical impacts on language and culture in education.
  3. Discriminate the contemporary context of prejudice.
  4. Examine educational practices of the school system as it relates to different groups. 
  5. Justify the importance of parent and community involvement in the school.

Additionally, this assignment will provide the opportunity to answer the essential questions of this course’s topic, which are intended to provoke critical thinking not only in this course but also throughout your preparation for and during your professional career. Recall, this course has addressed the integration of multicultural relationships and its content-based instruction in the educational setting and within the community. Cultural differences, as a whole, have been evaluated along with specific groups. In the following summative assessment you will choose a unique cultural group with whom you most relate to either personally or professionally. You may pick a cultural group that has been explicitly addressed in this class or one of your own choosing. 


Part 1:  The Task

Imagine you are the team leader of your school’s Professional Learning Community (PLC) regarding a specific student cultural population on campus. Your school’s principal has asked that you create an online presentation about this population.  

You are receiving this assignment at the end of the school year with the expectation that you will present it at the start of the upcoming school year. Additionally, you will have both new and tenured staff that will receive your information. This presentation will be available to all faculty, staff, and administration.


The goals of both the written paper and presentation are to address the following: 

  1. Overview of Culture: Discuss the culture in terms of behavior, social values, family values, gender roles, academics, and traditions from the perspective of someone from that culture.
  2. History of Culture: Highlight the history of this culture as well as how it has been regarded in the US. Illustrate the impact on language, culture and education.
  3. Educational Consideration: Examine the historical and current inclusionary and exclusionary educational practices as it relates to the identified culture.
  4. Inclusionary Practices: Generate a list of inclusionary practices through curricular, instructional, or campus-wide changes that all staff could employ to ensure cultural acceptance/ integration for this group.
  5. Parent/Community Involvement: Improving the Learning Process Create suggestions for including parents in the learning process (e.g., making parents feel accepted and welcome) and justify the importance of parental and community involvement in the school and their child’s learning process.

 Part 2:  Written PaperYou will prepare a written paper that addresses each of the five goals listed above. The content should consist of approximately 10-12 pages.  

Written Communication

Page Requirement: 10-12 pages, not including title and references pages.APA Formatting: Use APA formatting consistently throughout the paper. It is recommended you use the goals labels as headings for each section of your content for the paper as follows:
Overview of Culture.History of Culture.Educational Considerations.Inclusionary Practices.Parent/Community Involvement – Improving the Learning Process.Syntax and Mechanics: Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. Your written work should contains no errors and be very easy to understand.Source Requirement: Uses no less than two scholarly sources in addition to the Wardle (2013) textbooks, providing compelling evidence to support ideas, and if applicable, reference to original project if enhancement of existing project occurred. All sources on the reference page need to be used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment.

Part 3:  Multimedia Presentation A presentation will accompany your written paper where you will include an overview of your main points from your written paper using  presentation software of your choice such as Present.Me, Powerpoint or Jing. The presentation time should range 4-5 minutes only. The link to your presentation must be included in the introduction of your written paper.

Considering the variety of audience members that would be present at your school site, your presentation must be rich with information with the purpose of creating increased understanding and respect of the culture, improving instruction and ultimately, promoting student achievement.

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