Pick ONE of the following emotionsthat you feel you struggle with or have trouble managing at this current time in your life.DespressionFearFollow the directions below for the specific emotion you chose and then complete an essay assignment based on those directions and the essay questions at the bottom.  For the essay it should be:  a typed 1-2 pageWord or PDF document(do not use Apple “Pages” please)… (1.5 spaced) that addresses the following information:Fear- watch this video and answer the Assignment questions below.FEAR – Best Motivational VideoDepression – watch this video and answer the Assignment questions below.Living Through Depression: Julia's StoryASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS- write about these in your essay (see essay formatting information below to correctly lay out your essay):After reviewing the video content or completing the book exercises on the ONE emotion you chose, explain why you picked this emotion.What parts of this emotion do you struggle with most?What content in the weekly online content or book exercise was the most helpful for you to discover?What parts of dealing with this emotion are you doing fairly well with?What improvements would you like to see with your emotional responses in regards to this emotion?How do you plan to achieve these desired improvements in your emotional responses (specific action plan)?Assignment =  75 pointsESSAY FORMAT:Please write this in an “Essay” type of discussion style, not in a numbered question and answer style.  Include an Introduction, a Body and a Summary of the discussion.Please check out this link to make sure you follow proper essay structure.Make sure you cover all the items above in the body of the essay to get all the points possible.Reminder – Here is a video on proper essay structureBasic Essay Structure

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