environmental risk assessment and toxicology 1

Was wondering if anyone can help me with this problem. It’s from my graduate level risk assessment and toxicology course and I’m confused about the IR and how to find it. Thanks!

Fill-in the dose equation terms below, and calculate doses of 3 chemicals given the following concentration data: [7]

CHEMICAL Mean conc in soil (ug/kg)

VOCs: Acrylonitrile 8,000

SVOCs: Acephate 2.0E+3

Inorganics: Arsenic 2.5E+4

Oral Dose Equation: Concentration x IR = Dose ←{fill in equation terms}

Acrylonitrile Chronic: ______ x _________ =

Lifetime: ________ x ___________ = __________________

Acephate Chronic: _________________ x _________________ = __________________

Lifetime: _________________ x _________________ = __________________

Arsenic Chronic: _________________ x _________________ = __________________

Lifetime: _________________ x _________________ = __________________

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