Environmental science

Natural Resources

  • Of the resources described in this week’s assigned reading (soil, water, minerals, food), which one do you think humans are having the greatest, negative impact on? Support your answer.
  • Regardless of your answer above, take the water usage test: http://www.h2oconserve.org/home.php?pd=index
    Provide your table with the water results in your posting.

Dinner Data

Make a list of the food and beverage items you (alone – not your whole family) eat and drink in one dinner, including condiments. Then determine where the food was made or grown by reading the food labels. Determine the distance between your location and where the food was made, or grown, using one of many “distance calculators” found on the Internet (Mapquest, YahooMaps, etc.).

Use this table and fill in your personal data:

Food Description

Food’s Origin

Distance Traveled*

(difference in mileage between your zip code and the zip code or country on your item)


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