essay 1000 words

Your goal in this assignment is to develop an original claim in response to Pratt’s “Arts of the Contact Zone” ( this is the article that writing about) by identifying an opportunity for conversation in the text. The best way to do this is to begin by locating an element of “Arts of the Contact Zone” that fascinates, shocks, or perplexes you. By articulating what interests you in Pratt’s piece, you should have an easier time identifying a specific opportunity for conversation: a gap, tension, contradiction, ambiguity, or difficulty in the text or the subject of the text. Compose a brief (4-page/1000 word) paper in which you offer your original claim and support that claim with evidence from your close reading of Pratt’s essay. In this paper you will draw on part of Pratt’s essay in order to develop a new, original view of your own.

Tip: A strong claim is an answer to a complex question. You might find it useful to begin this assignment by formulating a question and drafting your essay by pursuing the question through close analysis of passages from the text. You can then revise your draft so it is organized to support your claim.

Your rough and final drafts should be formatted according to MLA guidelines, which you can find at…

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