The process of material selection is a story of human interaction. We’re going to take this idea and personalize it to your life. Every day you encounter countless materials just in going about your normal life and routine, but have you ever really thought about them? Did you realize just how many materials you touch and feel throughout the day? It’s time to take a closer look. An experiential narrative tells a story – it is not a mere statement of facts but attempts to capture the mood and feel of a situation. It is told in first person – you are writing it from your perspective – and should focus on sights, sounds, and feelings (both literal and emotional).A shortened example is below: As the alarm goes off, the escape into my dreams comes to an abrupt end and the harsh reality of the day begins. The Sun is coming through the white blinds of the window – the kind that every apartment has because they’re cheap, not because they work. I scowl at the light flashing across my face when my mind finally reacts – I need to get moving! So, I force my body to begin the process of rising from my bed – my soft, warm and wonderful bed that’s trying to stop me with its embrace. Yet, I force myself to keep going, slowly and painfully at first, but at last my feet swing around and hit the carpet below. It is soft and warm beneath my toes. I rise from the bed and make my way towards the kitchen where I can smell my coffee waiting for me (thank goodness for auto timers on coffee makers!). As my body moves across the floor from my bedroom to the kitchen, I can feel the floor bend under my weight. The wood frame construction of the apartment flexes and creaks – just like my joints as it turns out. How did I get so old so fast? As I near my freshly brewed fuel, the floor beneath my feet turns cold and smooth as the carpet gives way to tile. The cold sends a brief shiver up my spine and helps the waking process.Assignment Just like the above example, you need to write about the first 30 minutes of your day, richly detailing the interior environment in which it was set. You need to set the mood and describe the experiences as you woke from bed and started your day. Focus special attention on material details and lighting. What elements did you interact with? What were the acoustic aesthetics of the space? Did the space accomplish what you perceive to be its desired mission? Did the physical space add to or detract from your dining and social experience?  Compose your 1-2 page essay, 10pt font with 1.5 spacing.

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