Ethical issues indicate that the principles for handling customer data, management homework help

Companies that conduct electronic commerce are NOT subject to the same laws and taxes as other companies

A) True

B) False


Match the terms with the definitions.

A. Per se defamation
B. Defamatory statement
C. Product disparagement

ABCStatement that is false and injures the reputation of another person or company

ABCCourt deems some types of statements to be so negative that injury is assumed and no proof of specific injury is required to recover damages

ABCIf a defamatory statement injures the reputation of a product or service instead of a person


Ethical issues indicate that the principles for handling customer data include which of the following

A) Give customers the right to have you delete any of the data you have collected about them

B) The customers have no right to have any information deleted after you have collected the information about them

C) You may share customer data with others outside your company without the customer’s permission

D) You are not required to tell customers what data you are collecting and what you are doing with it


Match the terms with the description

A. Property taxes
B. Transaction taxes
C. Income taxes

ABCLevied by states and local governments on personal property and real estate used in business

ABCLevied by national, state, and local governments on net income generated by business activities

ABCLevied on products or services that a company sells


Works copyrighted by corporations or not-for-profit organizations are protected for 95 years

A) True

B) False


The relationship between geographic boundaries and legal boundaries are based on power, effects, legitimacy, and notice

A) True

B) False

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