Ethics and Social Change Paper

Ethics and Social Change

Consider the following scenario:

A young man is sentenced to death. However, you cannot forget the victims: two teachers and a law enforcement officer, and their families who they left behind. The offender shows no remorse. This is a tragedy all around.

In this week’s Discussion, you will consider the risk assessment that the forensic psychologist and the forensic psychology professionals will have to implement to ensure not only the safety of the inmate but also the community at large. Does the young man present potential liabilities for all those at the institution who come into contact with him? What will the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) do? How might the ACLU argue that a juvenile should not be sentenced as an adult? Will the forensic professional be sued? Unfortunately, forensic psychology professionals may get sued not only by the inmate and his or her family, but also by activist groups such as the ACLU on behalf of the inmate. You will review the AP-LS Forensic Psychology Specialty Guidelines and the APA Ethical Guidelines pertaining to a death penalty case and, more importantly, a juvenile death penalty case.

Lastly, you will consider how you will, as a forensic psychology professional, reconcile in your own personal ethical code how to remain impartial, fair, and just, as you are charged to in your field. How will you address the issues with the community and social media that are likely to follow the news that an adolescent has been sentenced to death?

Post a response to the following:

  • Based on the principles of the forensic risk assessment, discuss the risks not only to the inmate, but the community at large.
  • Explain how AP-LS forensic psychology specialty guidelines and APA Ethical Guidelines pertain to the issue of the death penalty. How does this affect the forensic psychology professional’s assessment? (Consider the concept of no right to harm).
  • Explain whether there is a connection between capital punishment assessments involving a minor and society at large
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