Cost-Benefit (Consequentialist) Moral Analysis


Write a report discussing how a moral dilemma in your own field of study could be resolved by the application of a Consequentialist ethical theory to this dilemma.

When you are asked to apply a Consequentialist ethical theory to a moral dilemma, it means that you should explain how a utilitarian or an ethical egoist would resolve this moral dilemma. For instance, an Act Utilitarian will try to do the act which produces the greatest amount of good for the greatest number. Through this moral analysis, your goal is to provide your perspective to your senior advising ethicist for his or her consideration.

This moral analysis is important because sometimes you may experience moral dilemmas in your own career. Or maybe, you want to make a case for your own position. The more you understand myriad perspectives, the better able you will be to participate in the discussions. When you learn how to compare and contrast different approaches to moral dilemmas, you will be able to respond to objections to your own position. It will also allow you to develop your own ethical voice.

Review the Examples for Moral Dilemma document, to view certain topics on which you can conduct this analysis.

Submission Specifications

  • Cost-Benefit (Consequentialist) Moral Analysis in a Microsoft Word document named LastnameFirstinitial_M1T1_MoralAnalysis_PHI1010.doc that includes:
    • 750-word (minimum) report
    • MLA formatted content, citations, and reference list

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