Evaluation Proposal

Evaluation Proposal Outline1. Abstract2. Table of Contents3. Introduction to Agency (you can select your internship or job; however, you must be working in the social service-related field)a. State the agency and department you are assigned to: Maryland Department of Human Services, Child Protective Servicesb. Mission & Vision (Summarize and properly cite) – https://dhs.maryland.gov/about-dhs/i. Vision: We envision a Maryland where people independently support themselves and their families and where individuals are safe from abuse and neglect.ii. Mission: We will aggressively pursue opportunities to assist people in economic need, provide prevention services, and protect vulnerable children and adults.iii. Our Mission is based on the following principles:1. Work is indispensable for achieving independence.2. Partnerships and alliances with business and the community are critical to our customers’ ability to achieve and maintain independence.3. Families should be the first resource for the emotional and financial support of their children and other family members.4. Assistance is provided to people while honoring individual and group differences.5. Empowerment is essential to the provision of human services.c. Goals and objectives – https://dhs.maryland.gov/child-protective-services/i. Protect children and assist parents or caretakers in providing proper care and attention to childrenii. Remedy and decrease the risk of continuing abuse and neglectiii. Provide an alternate plan of care for children when parents or caretakers are unable to prove proper and safe care for them;iv. While CPS works to provide services and interventions to families, it is not designed to address all issues that contribute to a family’s difficulties or to address the full range of parent-child problems.v. Our main focus is on protecting children from abuse and neglect and to engage families in the process of helping to safely parent their children. Child protection is a community responsibility and communities must respond strategically to children who are in danger of abuse or neglect working with families at the first sign of a problem and resources should be coordinated through combined efforts. The community has an obligation to ensure that the required services are available for prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse and neglect.d. Your role and dutiesAssists customers in identifying, developing and using their potential capabilities and community resources to resolve social, health, emotional, behavioral and economic problems;Interviews customers to obtain information needed to determine eligibility for social services;Assesses case situations to make recommendations to supervisor regarding individualized plans of service;Provides limited counseling and crisis intervention services to customers regarding personal, economic and social problems;Establishes and maintains personal contact with other social services agencies and community resources to facilitate the referral of individual customers;Checks public records, such as birth records, for data and to verify information such as income, kinship and residence;Prepares and manages case records and reports concerning information secured and services rendered; Testifies in legal proceedings regarding family service cases;Develops and implements a personalized training plan to maintain and upgrade knowledge and skills related to the delivery of direct services;May testify in court as an expert witness;May provide on-call coverage; May participate in the investigation of suspected child or adult abuse or neglect;May make recommendations to place children in foster and adoptive homes;May participate in the initial investigation of fatalities that result from suspected abuse or neglect;Performs other related duties.4. Background of Agencya. State the specific program you are proposing to evaluate at your agency or in your department Child Protective Servicesb. Discuss the present capacity or structure in conducting evaluations at your agency https://www.acf.hhs.gov/cb and CFSP.Five Year Plan.2015-2019 (attached)c. Discuss the history of evaluations at your agency. Have they conducted any evaluations in the past? If yes, what types? https://www.acf.hhs.gov/cb and CFSP.Five Year Plan.2015-2019 (attached)5. Program Description (Describe the program (s) your agency offers)a. Nature of the problem it is intended to addressb. Need for servicesc. Purpose of the programi. Specific goals and objectivesii. Conceptualization1. frameworkiii. Operationalization1. Activities/interventiond. Target populationi. Sizeii. Demographicsiii. Communitye. Stakeholdersi. Administratorsii. Staffiii. Funders6. Logic Model7. Literature Review (5 peer-reviewed reference minimum – APA)a. The empirical articles must be related to the program that you are proposing to evaluate (ex. If you plan to examine the effectiveness of a high school drop-out program, then your literature review should be related to the effectiveness of high school drop-out programs)8. Methodology (you must propose an outcome evaluation)a. Evaluation Approach/Modelb. Research Designi. Research/Evaluation Questionsii. Hypothesisiii. Conceptualization of variablesiv. Operationalization of variablesv. Samplec. Data Collection Techniquei. Measuresii. Settingiii. Human subject protection & ethical guidelinesd. Data Analysis Techniquee. Data reporting9. Ethical Concernsa. What are the ethical issues of your proposed researchb. How does you proposed research address diversity (race, class, gender, sex, religion, etc.)10.  Strengths & Limitations of your proposed study11.  Implicationsa. Practiceb.  Policyc.  research12.  Conclusion13. References14. Appendix

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