APA STYLE ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For the Week 3 Application, you will select two articles from a list, identify the components of a research project and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the articles.Select two studies from the list of articles for Week 3, provided in the class ‘Doc Sharing’ area: ‘NURS 4000 Week 3 Articles’. The articles can also be accessed through the Course Readings in the Library. Look for the Week 3 Articles tab. REFER TO THE RUBRIC FOR THIS PAPER, ITS ATTACHED AS WORD DOCUMENT PLEASEChoose one quantitative article and one qualitative article.–I HAVE ATTACHED THE ARTICLES IN 2 WORL DOCUMENTSReview each selected article based on what you have learned about study design, identifying information from each component of the study.Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each study.Based on your review, write a 5-6-page summary of the two articles using the NURS 4000 Week 3 Assignment Rubric.Identify each component of the research article as outlined in the rubric.Explain why each is a strong or weak study based upon criteria for reliability and validity for quantitative studies. Use criteria for trustworthiness for qualitative studies. Refer to your textbook for information related to evaluation of research.

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