Facebook Security Breach Exposes Accounts Of 50 Million Users Case Study

Part 1: Find an Article • Choose an article from a major news magazine, newspaper, or credible online source that discusses something related to secure programming (data breach, type of cyberattack, programming/security technique). • The article should be recent (1-3 years). • Provide a link to the article and/or a PDF copy of the article as an attachment. Part 2: Write a Reflective Response • Cover Page – Create a cover page that includes the following: o Discussion Report 1 • Summary (1 paragraph) o Write a brief summary of the article in your own words. o Provide a citation of the article reviewed at the end of the summary, in APA format (see https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/10… for help with APA) • Reflection (2 paragraphs) o Explain how this article relates to topics we are studying in class. o Describe how this article expanded your understanding of secure programming and/or current issues that we are studying in class. Part 3: Write Questions for Class Discussion • Write two questions that come to mind concerning the issues or events mentioned in the article. • Be prepared to share your article summary and discussion questions in class (you should bring a copy of the assignment that you can easily access – printed or digital – for your own use and reference during the class discussion).

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