Fairleigh Dickinson Art and Technology in the Upper Paleolithic Discussion

Rules, Regulations, Grades


  • One paper based on a seminar topic of your choice. The paper can’t be based on either of the last two classes. It should include a summary of the high points of the seminar, integrated into a broader discussion of the significance of the work based on your literature search. The discussion should contain additional information on the same topic written by other researchers.
  • The paper is due at least one week before the final class. No late papers will be accepted, without extenuating reasons. They may be submitted anytime during the semester. (Why not do it early when you are under less time pressure than at the end of the semester?)
  • The reports must be your original work – not copied from any other source. If anything is cited verbatim, you must use quotations.
  • At least five pertinent literature references (primary sources) are required; they must be properly listed in a “List of Literature” (bibliography) and must be cited in your paper. Appropriate references are from refereed journals or sites. Items such as Wikipedia or magazine articles are not acceptable.
  • Grammatical and/or spelling errors will be taken into consideration during grading, so carefully proof read your paper.
  • There is no required length, but a thorough presentation should be a minimum of five pages.
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