Females only!! – Gender and social expectations.

Gender is a significant social characteristic in our lives.  Social expectations about gender are so deeply woven into the fabric of our society that they often seem natural, rather than socially created.Remember:”Sex refers to the biological aspects of a person-the physiological characteristics that differentiate females from males”…and”Gender refers to the socially learned behaviors, attitudes, and expectations associated with being female or male”.  Gender represents the social definitions / social differences of females and males.Answer the following:1. How has your sex (female) and the our society’s gender roles (femininity) for your sex affected your life to this point?2. Do you feel you missed out on anything because of gender?3. What would you change about our society’s gendered expectations for women or men?No references need to be used. Your thoughts and views only. Minimum 5-7 sentence paragraph.

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