Final Project For Skills lab

Assignment:During the on-ground, residency portion of Skills Lab II, you will have attended sessions covering topics relevant to advanced clinical social work practice. During Skills Lab II, you join with a group of three to four students to present a clinical case. You will create your own case—this case will be a situation you have faced in practice or one you create. During the presentation, you and each group member are expected to demonstrate knowledge, awareness, and skills appropriate to a concentration-year master’s student.The presentation should include the following:· The identification of the individual/family or group with background information including:o Presenting problem or concerno History of the presenting problemo Social historyo Family historyo Previous interventions· Your assessment of the client/family/group· Your engagement of the client/family/groupo Specify the specific social work practice skills that were or would be used in your engagement.This is the right up about this projectTiffany, a 17-year-old African American female resides in Huston Texas with her mother (48 years old) and 2 brothers (20 years old and 10 years old).  Tiffany was raised by her mother.  Her father went to prison for selling drugs when Tiffany was 5 years old.  Tiffany has been having trouble sleeping, her grades have dropped, she is no longer interested in sports or her after school club activities.  Tiffany is also afraid to go outside and she does not want to leave her mother’s side.  Tiffany reports she gets nervous and has heart palpitations when she sees a police car or hears police sirens.  Tiffany’s mother is concerned about the sudden change of behavior in her daughter and thus, took her in to see a therapist.Tiffany was very active in school.  She had good grades, active in sports and after school clubs.  The teachers spoke very highly of Tiffany, however, expressed concerns to her mother when they noticed a change in her grades.  Additionally, the school staff noticed Tiffany withdrawing from her friends appeared to be isolating herself from others. Tiffany and her family were active within their church community.  Tiffany and her family live in a low-income community.  Tiffany’s mother does work full time, however, she still receives SNAP and Medicaid services.  They also live in Section 8 housing.  Tiffany lives in a community with a high crime rate.  She often witnesses and hears stories of police brutality. Tiffany’s mother had to explain to her children how to respond to a police officer with they are ever stopped. Tiffany’s other brother has a history of police involvement.

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