this paper also needs more references at the beginning of paper and also a Overview

Within the professions of psychology, it can be typical for you to work on proposals for programs, studies, or new initiatives. For example, you may work for a university that regularly partners with foundations and corporations to identify grant opportunities for projects in local communities. The final project for this course is a project proposal that provides you an opportunity to draw upon your knowledge of cognitive psychology and demonstrate the key skills and abilities developed in this course to address a contemporary psychological problem, giving you critical exposure to how that problem impacts people’s interactions in a professional setting. You will select an area of interest in cognitive psychology and one of the following applied settings: education, law, mental health, or technology. Your proposal may include brief references to an additional setting, but your focus must be on your primary applied setting choice. For example, you can select education as your primary applied setting as you research a contemporary problem related to memory processes and learning, but you may find that you want to also touch on memory disorders (i.e., mental health setting) within the scope of your project.

This project is supported by four milestones, which will provide you opportunities to work toward the final project throughout the course and improve the quality of your final submission. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Two, Four, Six, and Seven. The final project will be submitted in Module Nine.


These assessments will address the following course outcomes:

  •   Apply foundational theories of attention, learning, memory, language, and decision making to practical, contemporary problems
  •   Identify gaps in and propose improvements for practices in professional disciplines based on the strengths and limitations of human cognitive systems
  •   Assess foundational theories of cognitive psychology for their relevancy to real-world issues
  •   Interpret current research and statistical findings in cognitive psychology through the application of sound methodological principles
  •   Advocate for and defend the use of socially responsible strategies and techniques for improving upon human cognitive processes
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