Find research question come up with one

Find a publicly available secondary dataset that will allow you to answer at least one of your research question for your proposal.What is your research question?Explain your IV, DV, and how you are conceptualizing and operationalizing them.  What variables will you be using? List at least 2 covariates that you feel it is important to include.  Why did you choose these?What cleaning and recoding of these variables did you do? Be for reverse coding, values that seem out of logical rangeCreate a table with the following descriptive statistics of your IV, DV, and at least two covariates: range, mean, median, mode, standard deviationIf the mean or median is not useful, include an explanation.Include a paragraph explaining the table.  What does this information tell me about these variables? Be specific.Make sure to include the dataset and your Stata do file or SPSS syntax.

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