For Ann Harris

Ethically and Culturally Sensitive Evaluation PlansThis discussion offers you an opportunity to identify the ethical and legal issues that will be most relevant to your program evaluation. Address how you will meet the guidelines adopted by the American Counseling Association, the American Evaluation Association, and other applicable ethical and legal standards, as you gather information for your evaluation.Additionally, consider how you will evaluate the cultural sensitivity of the program by examining the following questions. What data will you need to collect in order to answer these questions?:Are the intended services being delivered to the intended persons? Do particular groups find the services problematic because of their cultural values or practices?Are there needy but unserved persons the program is not reaching? What is known about these unserved persons and why the program is not reaching them?Once in service, do clients complete service? Who drops out, and why? Do particular groups drop out more often than other groups? Could this mean that the services are not sensitive to their cultural needs?Consider these questions as they apply to your own and your peers’ hypothetical program evaluations.This will be an expanded post of at least 300–350 words that will assist you in developing this part of your Program Evaluation Plan project.

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