Counseling Skills Self-AssessmentThis self-assessment assignment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your ability to analyze and critique how competently you apply clinical counseling skills to a live therapy session with clients. Record and transcribe a 20-minute section of a counseling session conducted by you at your practicum site.If you are not allowed to record any sessions at your fieldwork site, you will need to make other arrangements in advance with your instructor for completing this assignment. One recommendation is that you do a role-play, with your site supervisor playing the part of your client, that you record and transcribe. Please contact your fieldwork instructor to develop a clear plan for completing this paper.The assignment contains three sections and should be submitted in one Microsoft Word document as follows:Section 1 – Introduction.Section 2 – Transcription and Analysis.Section 3 – Self-Reflection and Summary.RequirementsContent: Prepare a comprehensive paper that includes all three sections described in the Content Format section below.Components: The paper must include a title page and a reference list. Appendices are optional.Number of Pages: The body of the paper must be 10–12 pages, double-spaced.Written Communication: Develop accurate written communication and thoughts that convey the overall goals of the assignment and do not detract from the overall message.References: The paper must include a reference list. Include at least five current references, in addition to your textbooks. You must use proper, current APA style and formatting in listing your references.Formatting:

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