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Respond to the following questions in 175 to 260 words each:

  • What makes the psychoanalytic-social perspective of personality unique?
  • What are the main components of each of the psychoanalytic-social personality theories? What are some of the main differences between theories?
  • Choose one of the psychoanalytic-social personality theories, and apply it to your own life. Explain your own personality and personality development through this theory.

Respond to students post no specific word count

Yarianie post

Erikson proposed that the conflicts of the person studied in psycho biography are not simply individual conflicts but represent that conflicts of the society in which the person lived. Thus the study of individuals can enlighten historical understanding. Erikson honored Gandhi immensely for his work toward a more inclusive identity for humankind. Gandhi worked to rise above the divisions the mark what Erikson called pseudospeciation by envisioning a more inclusive identity. Pseudospeciation is inherent in colonialism, causing individuals to experience “guilt and rage which prevent true development”. At this particular historical moment, then, Gandhi’s solution to the problem of identity moved history forward toward greater peace and mutual acceptance.



Erikson’s believed that there are eight stages that every person, no matter what culture they live in, goes through in life. Erikson’s theories centered around children and having control over mental and physical health. He was a very big supporter of taking control over diabetes. Erikson believed that with control of your diabetes you can prevent other health problems such as amputation, stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure stemming from diabetes. Erikson participated in Anna Freud’s child seminar classes. He devoted his time to analyzing children’s physical and mental health. Erikson also studied the theories of Ghandi.



All these doctor’s theory lead to one thing they all believe, all physiologically issues that happen to others happen because they have unresolved issues in past life.  Those theories are not always true in some other people’s issue. I am believe that once you have mental or angry issues you can overcome them and maintain. The theories of unresolved issues having a big affect on your present or future life is not always true. I was an angry teenager because of the family issues of my mother and father divorcing when I was just 16 years old.   I was having lots of fights in school and just wanting people just to understand me.  The treatment for unresolved issues that may affect your future can be self resolved. Just breathe and relax and think about what your future could be if you continue with unresolved issues, you could be in jail, you could be locked away in an psychiatric facility. Once you really just come to reality of life and that bad things can happen you can overcome anything mental.

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