forum question 100

This is a forum question between students that needs a reply to with at least 170 words. I would like for you to use your own words.

Class, I agree there are many pros and cons to globalization for all businesses I also think it is important for businesses to consider what globalization can mean for their current employees and for their consumers. There have been many instances where big companies expanded into global markets which resulted in significant job losses here in America, but saved the company money which as you stated they were able to in turn use in other areas of the business. Also interesting that you mention human resources I once worked for a company where there was no on site or local human resource person employees could go to for personnel or hr related issues employees either had to direct concerns to their immediate supervisors or call a human resource line and wait for a call back from someone in another state or overseas. Needless to say not very efficient nor beneficial to the employees. There are also some consumers who take interest in where the products they buy are made and manufactured and I have heard some people say they don’t shop at Walmart or are more reluctant to shop there partly because majority of their inventory comes from China. Thoughts??

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