Gathering Information Anthropology, Assignment Homework help

You are a member of a group of anthropologists from the future who want to study the culture and

society of the twenty-first century. However, you cannot find any written documentation of that

time period, so you must conduct an archaeological excavation.

As you dig you come across various items which reveal a lot about the culture and society of the

twenty-first century. Prepare a presentation describing what you found. Select a location for your dig, and

identify the artifacts, features, and ecofacts (any plant or animal remains you might find at the dig site) you found

during your fieldwork. What do these items tell you about the culture and society of the twenty-first century?

1. Prepare a report or a presentation describing at least 5 objects you found and explaining what they reveal

about the culture and society you studied.

2. Include a map of the location you chose to dig and visual representations of each of the objects you found.

3. Be sure to cite the sources of your illustrations, as well as any online sources you consult.

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