Gender and Aging prof hopkins

Respond to the following 4 questions. Responses should be approximately 400 words, and should be supported with readings. The questions are broad and students have the possibility of applying several of the readings.  Students can select the readings they believe are most appropriate to supporting their response, but should integrate at least 2 readings per response Readings MUST be fully integrated and cited to support the response.Each response is worth 25 pts.  Midterm is due November 27th by 11:59:59pm. All exams should be proofread and edited prior to submission.  Make certain to cite sources within body of response.   A reference Page should be provided.  Exam must be submitted as a word document.1. The Presidential election took place a couple weeks back.  The President-Elect is Republican Donald Trump.  He will be serving with a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and Senate.  The Republicans have historically had issues with social programs like Social Security, Medicare, and the Affordable care act.  If the Republicans succeed in their efforts to alter these programs, what are the possible ramifications for older adults?  Focus on the areas of health and Income.  Also, discuss how this might affect women more than men.2. How is health and health seeking behavior a gender experience in later life? How does ethnicity or social class affect this experience?3. How is caregiving a gender experience? How is this experience affected by societal notions of masculinity and femininity?4. Choose a gender other than your own.  How would your retirement and elder years be different if are that gender? You must choose MALE.

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