give me a perfect powerpoint based on theories from Health Behavior Theory

this is very important, you should be familiar with theories in this book ‘ Health behavior theory for public health’. 

1.The powerpoint should let people change their behaviors based on the application of one of the theories. Do not just give me the introduction of the theory.

2. Do not use the traditional format of the Ppt, give me something new, something fresh. Even some dynamic pictures should be in this ppt. 

3. The professor has the following requirements:

At a minimum you will be required to highlight the following in the media you create: 

1) Health topic

2) Intended audience

3) Theory and constructs used

 For example, you want to ask children to wash their hands, so first let them know what are germs, the characteristics of germs and then what will happen when they get bad germs and how to avoid the bad results – wash your hands. so the intended audience is children, the teaching model is based on Perceived Threat and Fear Appraisal. The health topic is teaching kids about germs. Do not use this example, this is what the professor give as an example. Creativity will be taken into consideration.

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