Graphic Design Project, computer science homework help

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the following course concepts:

    • Creating Artistic Effects
    • Working with 3-D Images

You will select an image of your choice and complete five tasks from the following tasks. You may submit more than one image files.

  • Add skewing text to image

  • Rotating image

  • Distorting image

  • Using the content-aware scale feature on the background

  • Using the puppet wrap tool on an object

  • Using liquefy filer on an object

  • Create a 3-D shape and placing a 3-D shape on this image

  • Using Multiple Images to Create a Photo Collage

  • Using the Stylize filters

  • Using masks to tuck in a composite file

You will need to submit both original image files, Photoshop files (.psd), and exported Photoshop files (in pdf or jpeg format) to submission folder along with the following grading criteria. Please fill in the task name from your selections.

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