Group Analysis


Group Analysis

During your Track 2 experience, you had the opportunity to co-lead a group with another learner to practice group facilitation skills. These skills are not specific to any counseling theory. In order to consider how more theory-driven group interventions are shaped, select a specific counseling theory that you may tap for your future group counseling practice. It may be the theory you integrated into your group proposal for the COUN5832 course project, or one that you will be using for your u05a1 Case Study Treatment Plan.

Complete the following:

  1. Locate      a peer-reviewed article focused upon a group counseling application of      that theory.
  2. Describe      how the goals and techniques of the selected theory are applied in the      group described in the article.
  3. Address      how the core group facilitation skills practiced in Track 2 can be      utilized to support group interventions described in the article.

Unit 2 Discussion 2

Alternative Types of Counseling Groups

Describe the article that you located pertaining to alternative types of counseling groups. Address the following questions:

Why did you select this article?

How effective do you think this type of group counseling is as compared to a traditionally facilitated group?

What legal and ethical considerations need to be addressed?

What types of special facilitation skills does a leader of this type of counseling group need to utilize in order to successfully facilitate this group?

Be sure to post the citation of your article.

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