happy clucker company produces frozen pre cooked breaded chicken patties for foodservice and upscale

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Happy Clucker Company produces frozen pre-cooked breaded chicken patties for foodservice and upscale restaurants.
The patties are received as raw, pre-shaped and refrigerated, and are received and processed within two days.
The Figure below is the flow diagram. After cold storage the patties are unboxed and placed, in a single layer, on a conveyor belt. The patties are 8 oz /- 0.5 oz. The patties travels through a breading unit, continuous fryer and a spiral freezer. The breading is dry, premixed and not reused. The frozen product is then packaged in wax impregnated cardboard boxes.

  • Happy-20Clucker-20Flow-20Diagram.jpg

Prior to starting production of breaded chicken patties a study was performed on the continuous fryer, which measured product center temperature on the largest pattie possible (10 oz). Measurements were taken instantaneously as the product exited the fryer. The following data was generated. Average center temp of ten -10 oz patties (?F)

  • Happy-20Clucker-20Flow-20Diagram.jpg

1.Based on your knowledge of HACCP, perform a Hazard Analysis for this product. Include a justification for each decision made. (Use the Hazard Identification and Hazard Analysis Forms for this section – First and second sheets in the Excel document).
2.Determine critical control points. (Use the Summary Form – Third sheet in the Excel document)
3.Develop critical limits and monitoring procedures for the critical control points. Hint: use the data above to determine the INDIRECT critical limits. (On the Summary Form – Third sheet in the Excel document)
4.Develop verification and validation procedures and/or cite reference documents as appropriate for the specified process. (Use the CCP Records (Verification) Forms – Fourth sheet of the Excel document)

HACCP Plan Template in Microsoft Excel

  • HACCP-Plan-Template.xlsx
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