HCA626 NU Week 3 Health Information System WIX Website Project

Continue adding information to your blog.

1. If you haven’t already done so, add an “About” tab and include a biography of yourself and a picture. Include information about why you are getting your Master’s degree and what career goals you may have. The About tab/ page should also include information on the purpose of the website / blog. Here is an example from the ONC Health IT Blog About Us tab: https://www.healthit.gov/buzz-blog/about/

2. Review your website blog in detail – check/fix any formatting errors, spelling or grammatical errors, etc. Make sure all the links on all pages are working properly. Have someone else (friend, family member, colleague, etc.) review it as well. Sometimes it helps to have a second set of eyes or second opinion.

3. Add another new blog post on how Microsoft is getting involved in healthcare. Include at least 1 video in your post.

4. For your 2nd blog post in week #3, describe at least 3 types of aggregate healthcare reports that you believe would be commonly used by healthcare executives / administrators in a hospital or other healthcare setting, including public health agencies (only need to choose 1 healthcare setting).

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