Health assignment

For this assignment you will need to read and write about the factors that impact the health indicator in your country of choice. You will more than likely use information collected in Assignment 2 as well. While you may use websites, you will also need to explore your country and health indicator in peer-reviewed journals. Please use at least two peer-reviewed journals to support your information.Risk Factors A risk factor is any attribute, characteristic or exposure of an individual that increases the likelihood of developing a disease or injury. Some examples of the more important risk factors are underweight, unsafe sex, high blood pressure, tobacco and alcohol consumption, and unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene. (WHO)Determinants of health The determinants of health include the social, economic, and physical environment in which people live. These factors include income, social class, education, social support, living conditions, gender/sex, access to health services, and other conditions in which people work and live. Determinants of health also include genetics and individual behaviors. (Links to an external site.)You will summarize what you learn using the following required format:I. Identify Risk Factors: (4 points) Restate your country and health indicator. Identify the risk factors associated with your health indicator. Identify the most vulnerable segments of the population relative to the indicator. Explain why this is true—this is based on what you have read and what you can infer from the current situation in the country.II. Identify the Determinants of Health Identify the determinants of health (including social determinants) that have the greatest impact on your health indicator and most vulnerable population. This will include summarizing what you have read and learned as well as your own understanding of these factors.III. Your assessment of the issueWhat are the needs and priorities of your population?What do we know about the health issue in terms of what causes it and who is most affected? What is the evidence for this? How does the evidence apply across different population groups?What are the determinants of health that contribute to the health issue? What are the causes of the causes?What could be changed to impact the health issue? What are the priorities?IV. ResourcesAt least two peer-reviewed articles must be used for this assignment. Websites are also useful. You must use APA citation format.

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