Healthcare Analysis Discussion

A healthcare analysis is a thorough review of a written work and a personal reaction to this analysis. The healthcare analysis evaluations of what is read assists the student in the comprehension of the implications of the reading content of his/her particular topic of interest and/or concerns. This healthcare analysis should be a written critique to help the student develop effective communication skills.


(1) Each student is required to conduct research, read and review two (2) articles from reliable and professional health journals. The two (2) reviews are to be selected from two (2) separate healthcare finance topics. Each article must focus on aspects of Healthcare Finance and must be published within last 3 years. The analysis should include reference citations (other than the articles itself) for supporting the arguments from the two (2) papers health care issues.

(2) Write what was your perception from the reading referring back to the readings. Do not copy paste, use your own words— this is called paraphrasing.

(3) Provide your own point of view: A brief statement about what you felt concerning the author’s point of view.

(4) Describe in detail if the articles were objective and factual or subjective and lacking facts? Explain your opinion using citationsfrom reliable sources.

(5) Issue Analysis: Provide a list of the issues presented in the article. Do not copy paste, use your own words.

(6) Conclusions and Recommendations: List the author’s conclusions and/or recommendations. Write whether you are in agreement or disagreement and provide a brief justification regarding your opinion concerning your agreements and disagreements.

(7) Forecasts: A 250-word statement on what you learned from the article and how you may apply this experience (negative or positive) in your professional future career. What would you do differently and how? Provide details and use references to support your answers.

Format: All papers should be typed and double spaced as an APA formatted paper.

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