help in 250 words forum 7

For this forum, you are to answer ONE of the questions listed below. Please be courteous and succinct in your response. The goal is to extend the conversation through your observations and experience.


Describe and explain the POTUS use of twitter. Is it good, bad, dangerous, or something else and why? Should other leaders in the American government follow along and participate vigorously as well?

Detail what the United States government is doing in support of open source intelligence.

Describe the main elements of the OSINT strategy of the United States.

Why would the government baulk at hiring private organizations/companies to collect OSINT?

Assert and defend an appropriate role for the government in facilitating the use of OSINT at an international level. Is it different than the use of OSINT at a Federal, state, or municipal level? Give examples to support your position.

Which reading this week did you find most interesting and important. What resonated with you? What are 2-3 key lessons learned from it?

Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words.

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