High availability and disaster recovery

Scenario: You are a consultant for an IT consulting firm, specializing in Windows Client/Server Infrastructure. The project timeline has you first submitting a proposal for the work to be completed. Part one of the statement of work (SOW) is for you to evaluate the services and technologies that currently exist in their environment, identify single points of failure (SOF), and suggest the most optimal way to make that particular technology highly-available (HA) and or fault-tolerant (FT).

Part two of the SOW states you will create a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) plan for their infrastructure. To fit a “reasonable” (purposefully ambiguous) recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) using enterprise-level technologies.

Be sure to include the following in both the HA, and BC/DR solutions.

What products and/or technologies will be used?

What RTO/RPO will be possible?

What kind of security is being used to secure the data in all forms?

What is being done to protect from a Natural Disaster?

What kind, and how much, extra infrastructure (servers, storage, network, etc.) is needed?

Environment: *See Excel Spreadsheet*

Your Task: Your task is to perform the above work and submit it to the customer in the form of a technical document. This should be sufficient to submit to a customer, and must be presentable to both a C-level executive and the technical staff. Meaning, it must include any and all costs, as well as technical details. You will not be implementing the changes that you recommend, so no detail need be left undocumented. *Note that you are more than welcome to ask any and all clarifying questions about the infrastructure if needed.

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