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In this week’s discussion, we share with the group the variables that would help us in operationalization of our research projects. Start with a brief description of your project (1-2 sentences).Provide the Independent Variable (“I.V.” – the cause) and the Dependent Variable (“D.V.” – the outcome). Also, supply (only if applicable) the Antecedent Variables (“Ant.V.” – pre-existing conditions) and the Intervening Variables (“Int.V.” the “meddling” factors).As an example, consider the following model research topic from Written Assignment 1: “The altitude is my I.V.; the time it takes water to boil is my D.V. I am also considering looking into the effects of salt added to water (this is my Int. V.) on the boiling times: whether it takes longer for salty water to boil vs. potable water. Lastly, a pre-heated pot may boil water faster than a cold pot (temperature of the pot is my Ant.V.)”

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