How Computers Work questions

All sources and references (reading assignments, video assignments, and external sources) should be listed with full information. Please look for the below sources and the files attached.



You should provide at least 2 sources per question.

1) What is HTML?

2) What is CSS?

3)What is JavaScript?

4)Discuss: What this page does? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

5) Run the sample below code in HTML section of You can replace all the code with the code below, then click “Run” button on the top. Discuss: What this code does? Add your screenshot.

6)Modify the code in order to display your favorite food list. Add your screenshot.

Please note that questions 5 & 6 were done for you so you don’t have to run codes or anything, There are attached below. But you should explain what the code does? Again, Both screen shots for 5&6 are provided in the attached files.

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