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it is a very informal written reflection (one or two pages max) of how the semester has gone for you and how PROF 090 has been in particular. I’m open to any feedback or reflections you want to pass along, but try to keep it limited to a discussion of our meetings, not your MATH 104 class.

Possible topics you could touch on might be:

– Has PROF 090 impacted your grade at all? If so, was it a positive or a negative impact? ( my exam grades are always between 95-100%)

– Was PROF 090 conducted in a way that was useful for you?

– In future semesters, is there anything you would recommend changing in the PROF 090 expectations, policies, or class format? Is there anything that should stay the same?

– Outside of the PROF 090 sessions, how much study time and effort did you put in on your own? Was it more useful for you to study on your own or during our meetings?

– Did you feel open to asking questions? If not, was there something that made you uncomfortable?

Brief Description about the course

Mathematics is among the most complex subjects within a syllabus and their understanding depends on various facets of learning. However, in the current public education system, statistics indicate a degrading performance in mathematics as a subject matter. The decline can be implicated to a high number of students in a class as well as minimal time available for teaching in class. PROF 090A class has the ability to influence positively the grades of a student through the application of various models and tools of learning.

It has the ability to provide personalized attention to the student, therefore, improving the ability of the student to grasp the material. In a classroom, one teacher is responsible for a large number of students and therefore the model of teaching used is generalized. Moreover, there is a possibilities number of students who would understand the material faster and sometimes it would be leaving a number of students who don’t catch up yet out. . PROF 090A is leadby an instructor who can helps with concentration to detail provides personal attention to the student, therefore, ensuring the understanding of the material since the class is divided into three different small groups, and each of the group will have different meeting time.

In a classroom, a teacher is assigned a timeline of minimum material to cover per term or semester and therefore whether the students understand or not is no hindrance. The class is not limited to the constraint of material and therefore has the ability to work with the pace of the student’s understanding of mathematics concepts. Every student recognizes has varied paces of learning and therefore, the instructor works within the pace of the student.

The recognition that schools are not only education learning institutions but also socialization institutions increases the number of destructions to students. These decreases the ability of students to grasp mathematics concepts that require minimal noise and distractive learning environment to be understood. It employs the capacity to set goals and objectives reasonable to the student to foster learning and understanding of math concepts. Students have the ability and capacity to learn more than the provided syllabus. For instance, through learning of key facets such as time management, a student can be able to organize their time to do the important things as well as study for exams. As such, the student is equipped with sufficient learning tools not only to improve math grades but as well as other subjects.

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