HUM 200 SNHU Humanities and Cultural Artifacts

Your project for this course has two parts. In Project Part One, you will complete an exploration document examining two cultural artifacts that you select, identifying a theme common to both of them and developing a thesis statement related to the theme and artifacts. You will also identify an audience who would be interested in your artifacts, theme, and thesis statement. In Project Part Two, you will develop a presentation for your audience. In your presentation, you will discuss the impact of the cultural artifacts, theme, and thesis statement on both individuals and society, supporting your claims with evidence. You will also explain how study of the humanities has impacted you both personally and professionally.

In Project Part One, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

 Illustrate the impact of the humanities on personal and professional experiences

 Select appropriate and relevant resources in the humanities in investigating expressions of human creativity

 Communicate effectively to specific audiences in examining fundamental aspects of human culture

 Apply essential principles of the humanities in exploring major themes of human culture and creativity

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