Human Anatomy – Enzymes Multiple Choice Questions


(05.04 MC)

Lisa adds protein powder to her tropical smoothie. She believes the protein has enzymes that will improve the results of her cardio workouts. Which of the following disproves her predication? (3 points)


(05.04 MC)

A pH of 2 is optimal for specific digestive enzymes found in a pig’s stomach. If these enzymes are placed into a neutral substrate solution, what do you predict will be the outcome? (3 points)


(05.04 MC)

A biologist wants to prevent the bonding of enzymes to the substrate in his test solution. What should he do? (3 points)


(05.04 MC)

Which factor decreases the rate of a chemical reaction? (3 points)


(05.04 MC)

Which component is required for the activation of some enzymes? (3 points)


(05.04 MC)

What statement best describes what happens during the catalytic cycle? (3 points)

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