Humantities Journal

Self-evaluation cover pageUpon completion of the final entry, students are to read over all journal entries and to write a no-more than one-page evaluation of their overall journal: Have you developed new insights about yourself? Has your thinking developed or changed in any particular way? Have you developed new insights or broadened your perspective? Did you discover anything about yourself, or perhaps simply clarify something? This self-evaluation page will be the cover page for the assignment. On this first page, in addition to the above evaluation, students should include: 1) total number of entries and 2) word-count. Finally, students are to identify one entry they believe is the most important of the semester to be placed directly after the self-assessment page. This entry, regardless of its chronological order, will be the “first” entry in the journal.Formatting of Journal Entries Title of entry should be in bold Number each entry (the particular order of the entries is not of particular concern so long as entries are clearly labeled) All typed entries must be single-spaced

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