I need to response or give opinion to the statement below 160-230 words

Greetings Dr. Beachley,

For this discussion assignment I elected to analyze “Angelina Grimke Appeal to Christian Women of the South”.  Written in 1836, Angelina circulated this essay as a means to educate the reader on the best way a bible-believing Christian should handle the slavery issue at the time.  While others were using the Holy Bible as a means to manipulate and force someone (i.e. the woman or the slave), Grimke’s appeal is based on the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.

The first piece of advice she gives is for the slaveholder, who currently owns slaves, to improve the conditions for the slaves that are in their possession.  Her comment on forgiving the master and the mistress is a direct parallel to the instruction Jesus gave while giving the Sermon on the Mount, which implored the aggrieved and the oppressed to “turn the other cheek” when they are wronged (Matthew 5:39, Luke 6:29) when she said, ” . . . in a master and mistress’s bosom; remember their extreme ignorance, and consider them as your Heavenly Father does the less culpable on this account, even when they do wrong things. (Grimke).

For the slave owner who is having an emotional crisis on whether they should continue, she tells them to stop and set them free.  If they go, let them.  If they stay, treat them as hired help and treat them fairly, and provide an education if one is required.

This piece, written in 1836, comes at a time where the Industrial Revolution led to major changes in society.  No longer content with sitting at home and attending to their own affairs, society (for the most part) engaged in activism to improve society, whether it be through the church or the Temperance movement, for example.   

Grimke could have mentioned about others using the Bible to justify the opposite.  How does one respond to it?

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